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Innovative benefits that promote balance, engagement and loyalty

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Our Clients

Our benefits solutions are fully customizable, which allows us to work with a variety of clients in a wide range of sectors. Whether you run a corporate business, a non-profit organization, or a club or association, Carrot Benefits are a great way to boost engagement and loyalty among your employees, customers or members.

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Employee Benefits

Your company’s most valuable asset is your employees. Show your appreciation through an innovative benefits package promoting happiness, engagement and development. Our special events, discounts, educational resources and other perks take your corporate culture to the next level, boosting staff retention and attracting top talent.

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Customer Benefits

Looking for a way to show your customers you care? Go the extra mile and reward your loyal clients and shoppers with exclusive benefits. Carrot Benefits acts as a seamless extension of your company’s customer service division, providing your patrons with extra perks and rewards they cannot find anywhere else.

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Member Benefits

Run a club, organization or association? Ramp up the benefits you offer your members with exciting perks and events. We tailor our club and association benefits to the interests of your members, enhancing the value of your membership packages.

Our Services

Imagine saying “thank you” to your employees, customers and members with incredible perks that enhance loyalty, engagement and happiness. With Carrot Benefits, it becomes a reality. All of our benefits are bespoke solutions tailored to your organization, and all can be co-branded.


Offer your employees, customers and members exclusive offers, discounts and privileges for entertainment, dining, utilities, travel and more.


We help you hand-pick entertaining and popular events and activities for your employees, customers and members. We can also help you plan an event with ideas and network your company with local vendors for parties, team-building exercises, awards presentations and more.


Our educational resources provide your employees, customers and members with professional and personal development opportunities focusing on a wide range of topics.


We will soon be adding more benefits based on YOUR feedback! In fact, if you have a novel idea for a benefit we do not currently offer, we can make it happen.


Providing your employees, customers and members with our benefits presents you with results you can track. Here is how Carrot Benefits can transform your organization:


The right benefits and perks will help you attract and retain your employees, customers and members, making them feel they are part of your family.


Workers, employees and customers who are happy get more passionately involved with your organization. Boost satisfaction and watch engagement soar.


At the core of every strong organization is a healthy balance between life and work. Our perks improve that balance, reducing stress and bolstering satisfaction and performance.


Our educational resources and events can teach your employees, customers and members how to improve their health and well-being in all facets of their life.


Our social events and team-building exercises give your staff, customers and members a chance to bond and develop team spirit.


We connect your employees, customers and members with exclusive discounts, effectively augmenting their salaries and benefits with opportunities to save.


Our industry and special interest events and educational resources can help your employees, customers and members to grow personally and professionally.


Our proprietary platform is streamlined, easy-to-use, and accessible on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

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